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Don't freak out!

Yes, this site has had a redesign. Not just a redesign in fact, a complete re-architecture from the ground up.

For a start, the site is now in two parts, the forums in one block and everything else in another. Everything in the main part of the site is built with the fantastic static site generator Hugo and the forums are powered by the amazingly flexible and unnervingly fast MyBB.

The old site was powered by Wordpress. Wordpress is fantastic...except when it's not. It's a huge and powerful beast that can obviously be bent to powering some of the worlds largest sites.

But, the amount of work needed to get it to do exactly what you want, with the features you want, in a reasonable time and without an ever expanding list of plugins and hacks is simply too much for me to commit to.

And lets not mention it's handling of double dashes and quotes or managing caching etc etc...

So a little pain and a great deal of handholding from Dinkypumpkin, (who must be publicly thanked for singlehandedly performing the forums migration - thank you) and the site is on a much more performant foundation for the future.

Has my password changed? Do I need a new account?

NO. All your posts and history have been carried over (no thanks to my skills) and you can log in over in the forums with the same credentials as you had previously.

There's a handy help link in the menu bar to get you up to speed and if you have any questions you can drop me an email (link in the footer) or start a topic in the General Forum if you've managed to login but can figure something out.

Something is broken!

Stuff will have broken as a result of the move. It's inevitable, some might be intentional, like the fact there are no comments on blog posts here at the moment.

If you see something that's wrong please let me know via email or social media (in the footer). If you spot it that doesn't mean anyone else has or has informed me so do get in touch and I'll fix it. is on GitHub

If you prefer to edit the 'source' for the content on this ite then you can see the content on GitHub and submit a pull request for any corrections there.

You'll also find the rest of the site source code up there if you are interested.

A new mirror of the official get_iplayer Wiki

The wiki here on is a complete mirror of the official get_iplayer wiki on GitHub. I've rewritten the links to make them work here as they're in a /wiki/ subdirectory but that's it, everything else is the same.

You can even click the link at the bottom of any of the wiki pages to see the source page on GitHub and make your edits there.

Currently I manually pull down changes and sync the wiki here every day or so. Eventually this process will be automated and changes on GitHub will show up on here within a couple hours.

Get posting!

Hope over to the forums now and take a look around...