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get_iplayer v2.90 released

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Thanks to the hard work of get_iplayer maintainer Dinkypumpkin get_iplayer has been updated to version 2.90 and contains fixes and workarounds for several issues get_iplayer has recently experienced, most notably the removal of programme feeds by the BBC.

Read the release notes!

This is an extensive update and you should read the release notes to get yourself up to speed.

Lets try that again...


Getting the latest update

Installation information can be found within the release notes. Windows users will need to use the latest installer and linux/unix users will need to use the manual installation method until updates are made to the packages that are maintained for you particular system.

Users guides and other info

With a big change like this it will take some time to get the guides hosted here up to speed. Bear with me as I get these done and if you have trouble in the meantime after reading the release notes, pop over to the forums and post you problem there where the community can help you.