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get_iplayer v2.93 released

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This looks like a Phoenix rising from the flames...right?
This looks like a Phoenix rising from the flames...right?

Thanks to the hard work of get_iplayer maintainer dinkypumkin, get_iplayer has been patched and updated to v2.93 which restores much of the functionality recently nuked by the BBC's removal of listings feeds.

EDIT - Shortly after this release it's been noted that there are issues with live streaming and a further update is expected overnight 03-Jun-2105.

EDIT 2 - get_iplayer v2.94 released - release notes as v2.93.

Release Notes

It's important you take the time to read the release notes. Find them at the link below:

get_iplayer v2.93 release notes

Headline changes

Dinkypumpkin has made great efforts over the past 6 months to minimise the effect of the ongoing removal of listings feeds by the BBC, but this time we aren't spared as we were before.

The biggest change in this release is the time now taken to refresh the TV cache, along with the removal of the ability to search via category. Please take the time to read the release notes for a full breakdown of the changes and what to expect thanks to the latest actions by Aunty.

A note to visually impared and hearing impaired users

Thanks to the removal of the category listings you will no longer be able to use get_iplayer to search for Signed or Audio Described programmes.

This is an ugly outcome for all affected.