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I'm sorry, I broke muscle memory!

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It's been about a year and a half since I threw this site together over a weekend. After all this time, some changes were needed. I know everyone hates change, particularly that which breaks muscle memory, but there were certain layout issues that needed to be addressed here on

  • Firstly, the size of the header and footer 'wrappers' with that enormous menu, horrible logo and massive amounts of whitespace.
  • Secondly, the proliferation of list style menus which are terrible for mobile users (who make up a statistically significant portion of traffic now).
  • Thirdly, layout improvements to make knowing where you are in the site and information retrieval easier for new visitors and faster for frequent fliers.

As a result of all that the following has been changed:

  1. Site wide text size changes to improve consistency and make location finding easier
  2. Smaller navigation menu optimises use of space for desktop and mobile users
  3. List menus replaced with 'list icon' menus to improve desktop and mobile use
  4. Content link reorganisation to make finding popular/important pages faster for new visitors
  5. Better integration with Wiki to reduce duplication of information
  6. Some colour/design tweaks to make things look a bit sharper/more pleasing

I know some of you will be frustrated with the changes, give it a couple of hours and I hope you'll find things work out.

As always, if you find something broken, not working or feel strongly enough to share an opinion then please drop me a comment or use the contact form link found in the footer to send me a message.