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WARNING: Failed to download programme schedule

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Go to the Winchester, have a pint...and wait for this to all blow over It's that time again...

Yes, the BBC has once again borked the XML feeds get_iplayer uses to obtain schedule information and to refresh it's cache of available programmes.

There is more information on this over in the forums, but as I'm seeing a lot of visits here to the blog page, no doubt looking for information, I thought I'd post this little update.

Staying up to date with future developments

If you want to get notified when the feeds are (hopefully) back up and running you have 3 options:

  1. Subscribe to this blog. The RSS feed URL is I'll update it with an 'it's back up' post when it's...back up.
  2. Subscribe to the forums. You can create your own custom RSS feed by visiting this page.
  3. Register for an account in the forums and subscribe to all new threads/posts to receive an email notification whenever a new post is made. You can also tailor these notifications to just one forum if you don't want to subscribe to the whole lot, and you can easily manage your subscription fron the user CP page to turn notifications off once all (hopefully) goes back to normal.

No need for 'me too' posts

We know it's currently broken. In all past cases the feeds have come back up after a short while, so please don't feel tempted to post any 'not working for me too' posts.