get_iplayer installation guides


macOS Quick Install Guide

NOTE: Only macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher is supported for get_iplayer. Users of earlier releases may attempt a manual installation of get_iplayer, but it is unsupported and get_iplayer may fail. See the "More Info?" section below for a link to instructions for manual installation.

Install with Homebrew

NOTE: macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher is required to install get_iplayer with Homebrew.

Homebrew is a package management solution for macOS. It's very easy to install, just go to the Homebrew website and copy and paste the one line installation code into your terminal window.

Once you've installed Homebrew, it's just one more line to install get_iplayer:

brew install get_iplayer

Upgrade to future releases with:

brew update
brew upgrade get_iplayer

Get started by reading the guides and release notes

There is loads of info in the guides section to get you downloading programmes in a snap. Make sure you read the whole guide to understand what's happening and why you need to do things a certain way.

Find the release notes in the wiki. Read at least the notes for the latest release. Things can change quite a lot between releases and you'll find explanations there as to why get_iplayer is working the way it is.

Web PVR Manager

Start the Web PVR Manager from your terminal window with:

get_iplayer.cgi --listen --port 1935

Connect to the Web PVR Manager by opening the URL below in your web browser:

More info?

You can take a look at the macOS installation page in the wiki for a bit more info and for instructions on performing a manual installation.


Post in the forums and we'll help you out. Make sure to read up on how to submit an acceptable support request first.