Why are you emailing me???


Seriously, please don't email me if you have a problem with get_iplayer or need a little help to get something working. If you need help, go to the forums where you will get help from the community and where any solutions found will benefit everyone.

Need help? Go to the forums >>>

Once there, register an account and post your question or problem. If you really want to show just what an impressive person you are, you could even search the forums to see if someone has had the problem before and left info on how to solve it.

Don't feel pressured into doing that though, no one else does.

But I do need to email you!

Really? If you honestly need to contact me about something else like spelling errors or something on the site itself not working, then feel free to go ahead, that's fine. You can do so 'insecurely' here:

Email me

If you'd like to do so securely or just want to be sure that the person replying is me, you can use my PGP public key:

Josh Archer - Public Key

Fingerprint: 56E0 297B 6157 B883 7692 571A 9C65 46AC 7932 19D3

I warn you though, if your email is requesting help for get_iplayer, I will ignore it!