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get_iplayer troubleshooting guide

Having problems or need help with get_iplayer? If get_iplayer is not working and you can't download programmes it might just be an error with your setup or it may be a wider issue with get_iplayer, or even with BBC iPlayer itself. Either way, it's a frustrating thing to try and remedy alone.

get_iplayer Known Issues

The latest errors will be posted in the Forums and in the Known Issues pages. Make sure you check there for the latest errors to see if there is a simple fix for your problem.

Check the latest Release Notes

The BBC is undertaking a series of alterations to how they deliver their digital content and this can often affect get_iplayer. It's essential that you read the latest release notes in order to understand how get_iplayer is dealing with these changes. The Release Notes for the latest version of get_iplayer are linked below:

get_iplayer Release Notes

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

If you find you can't download a programme with get_iplayer, first make sure you are issuing the correct commands. The TV Download Guide or Radio Download Guide have most of the detail you need to get up and running, complete with example commands, so make sure you check it to be sure you are using the correct commands.

Alternatively, you can view the complete get_iPlayer usage guide in the Wiki section to check you are using the more advanced codes correctly.

If you have done that and are still having trouble, try each of these steps which have worked for other users:

  1. It's a cliche, but it works - restart your computer and try again. Amazingly, this still works most of the time.
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of get_iplayer for your platform. You can find an installation guide in the downloads section which will give you links to all the latest versions of the programme.
  3. Check you have a UK IP address. BBC iPlayer requires a UK IP address in order to connect, otherwise the BBC's servers will reject your connection. This means you need to be connecting from within the UK.
  4. Ensure your firewall is allowing get_iplayer to connect. If you are unsure how to do this, turn off your firewall temporarily and see if you can connect. If you can connect, you know your firewall is the problem. Armed with this knowledge, you can look up the instructions for allowing get_iplayer to connect through the firewall at all times.
  5. Restart your modem/router. This has worked for a couple of people so give it a shot and see if it resolves your connection issues.