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get_iplayer v2.95 released

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Thanks to the hard work of get_iplayer maintainer dinkypumkin, get_iplayer has been updated to v2.95.

There are a lot of changes in this release and this has meant a lot of changes here on this site and on the wiki.

Installation guides

Installation guides are now hosted directly on this website and no longer appear in the GitHub wiki. Users and package maintainers are strongly encouraged to submit errors either via the forums, GitHub or via email.

Release Notes

It's important you take the time to read the release notes. Find them at the link below:

get_iplayer v2.95 release notes

Headline changes

  1. Standalone installer (for Windows users)
  2. server no longer required (fully hosted with GitHub)
  3. 30 day cache
  4. HD downloads now default (if available)
  5. New default streaming formats
  6. Fallback indexing (for loss of feeds from BBC)

There are a raft of other changes and fixes so make sure to go and read the release notes before you use the new release.